The Education Program at Kingsborough Community College prepares students for a career in a variety of roles in early childhood and elementary settings. Completing one of our programs leads to a transfer to a senior college and/or work as an assistant teacher immediately upon graduation.Fundamental to our mission is a long tradition of child-centered education rooted in developmental theory. We believe that all children will construct their own knowledge in an enriched and nurturing environment. Central to our philosophy is the value of play in the curriculum and its vital role in developing a lifelong love of learning. We emphasize teaching to the individual and to the diverse needs of children, and support many methods of learning and assessment.We strive to instill these values and ideas about teaching in our students using an experiential and analytical approach to help them become the reflective, well-informed, socially aware and compassionate educators of the future.

           We offer several programs. The AS degree in Educational Studies is a jointly registered program with Brooklyn College with concentrations in Early Childhood and Childhood Education. Students who successfully complete this program are guaranteed placement in the Brooklyn College Early Childhood program with full transferability of KCC credit. With a BA degree from Brooklyn College, students can work as head teachers in a variety of school settings.

           The AS degree in Early Childhood/Childcare prepares the student to teach immediately after graduation as an assistant teacher and/or to continue education coursework at a senior college. This program emphasizes courses in theoretical understanding and teaching methods. Students may select infant/toddler, early childhood or childhood as their area of concentration.

           With a few modifications, this program articulates with CSI. Students experience three types of courses: theory, workshop and fieldwork, in which students integrate their theoretical and workshop skills in a closely supervised classroom internship. Through these experiences we expect students to become reflective thinkers and questioners, and to be sensitive to the needs of the individual child always.

           The A.A. program in Secondary Education essentially follows the Liberal Arts degree. Please see one of our advisers for counseling.


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